Where can I get info on public access to flats for wading? Can anyone point me in the right direction to go? I really do not want to go wading, take a step and go up to my rear end in pluff mud! I have not been wading in almost 3 years just looking to get back into it. I'm not asking for anyones "honey hole". If anyone would allow me to go with them, I would be more than willing to buy lunch. Thanks in advance. Take care and god bless.


Wadeable flats are all over Charleston. ya just have to put the time in to find them. Most of them ya need a kayak or a boat to get to but when you do find one remember...

" Knee high and Below.. yer good to go"

If the grass is below your knee it's usually a hard pack bottom and walkable.. tall grass usually means deep pluff. I only know of 2 that you can walk out onto but I am sworn to secrecy on their location I have heard of others but I haven't found them yet. Like I said if you have a kayak or a boat thaere are wadeable flats just about everywhere except the cooper river...

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That info about knee high and below is interesting and good to know. I had never heard that.
thanks for the help. may need to invest in a kayak.