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Here is my two boys. 115 lbs Sulcata Tortoise and an 80 lbs Lab.
They like to lay in the sun together in the summer...

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She likes fishin'n too...

Isabelle. She is no longer with us but she deserves nothing less than immortality on this site.

I miss her so much it hurts.

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My dogs and cats don't have a FB page and axed me to post up, since they don't have fingers.
The dog is Gullah and the cat is Monkey. The former is the most tolerant animal I've ever seen...except Raccoons(because he was bitten as a puppy going to say hello) and the cat is a fishing cat(look them up)stays in the water bowl.

More to follow...
This is the coolest of cats...he and the big dog are best buds...the dog tolerates the other 2 cats but grew up with this one:

I inherited the Jack Russell, which I got for my Mom when my Dad died...16 years ago...just like my Mom... hates cats and killed about 3 - 4 of them over at her apt. before she died. She now lives with 3 cats and they go out of their way to mess with her:

The other cat is from Grenada...haven't got a picture of him cause he's too busy hunting squirrels, moths, roaches, name it he'll chase it.
Finally got the cat from Grenada to lay still. His name is Fiddy:

My daughter says all the cats look like him except different colors...even have the same big teeth.
That's all the pets... that I know of today.
Lawson doing his yoga.
Izzo and sons Doberman pup Aiyden. Izzo was Christmas present from wife.

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