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Lamont is on the lam.....if you ever see him, tell him to go home, Myrtle is waiting.

"I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of the general public."
~my dad

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Originally posted by sman

Who ran over the cat?
I tried to run him over once when he tore into a new loaf of bread that was in my truck.He truly has 9 lives,one day I will be smarter than a cat.
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My dogs and cats don't have a FB page and axed me to post up, since they don't have fingers.
The dog is Gullah and the cat is Monkey. The former is the most tolerant animal I've ever seen...except Raccoons(because he was bitten as a puppy going to say hello) and the cat is a fishing cat(look them up)stays in the water bowl.

More to follow...

Other than some new exotic chickens...I've become a man of wealth:

He's a good boy. The dog as I stated is the most tolerant individual I've ever had the pleasure to know.

The pigs name is Augustus and goes by Gus. He'll be applying to Arkansas...