Shrimping Season is Coming

Things have really changed in the recreational shrimp baiting scene over the past several years. I can remember when it first began, you could hardly find at spot at the landing and all of the banks and rivers were lined with polls and boats. You could not ride over the area bridges without seeing people in just about every river you crossed.

Today the crowds if you can even call them that, are much smaller. Part of it, I think, is due to some very inconsistent seasons all strung together and the other part is that the novelty of it has worn off for many folks and they realize that shrimping can be hard work when you have trouble getting on the shrimp. For the people that still get out there year in and year out, it has become a tradition with friends and family. It is truly another way to get out on the water, away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy an evening on the water without a million boats, jet skis and other noise continuously buzzing around you.

This year is showing some promise so far. The shrimp seem to be plentiful in the creeks and all of the recreational shrimpers are buzzing about the possibility of having a good year. Truth be told, even if it is not a strong year for shrimping, these same people will be back out next year with high hopes and just like with fishing, time will be shared, stories will be told and memories will be made.

Andy Pickett