Anchorage Alaska Trip Photodump

Well, my two best friends in the world and I took the trip to Alaska finally. This trip has been on my bucket list for quite some time and I'm really sorry it took me so long to put this together. If you can figure out how to get there yourself, I highly recommend it, if only for the scenery alone. The weather was picture perfect the entire time, 65-75ish degrees everyday and the sun was shining for the whole trip. The 20 hours of daylight each day provided us with as many fishing opportunities as we wanted, and we took advantage of them as much as we could.

We arrived in Anchorage in the afternoon and immediately made our way two hours south to Seward. Stayed in Seward for two days fishing the Resurrection Bay and nearby areas for cohos and sockeye salmon, snagging and fly fishing for them. One of those days was an offshore charter to go after the cohos and bottom fish. The salmon were few and far in between but the rock fish were plenty. The best way I know to describe a rockfish is kind of like a cross between a black sea bass and a grouper type fish. Good eating bottomfish.

Over the next few days we fished several places, all rivers and streams fly fishing for salmon and trout. The numbers weren't spectacular as we were kind of in the middle of the salmon runs. The king run was over and closed and the coho run was just starting up. If you plan to do this trip, I would do mid to late June or the end of July depending on what species you want to target.

Fishing the world famous Kenai River in Saldotna was a treat in and of itself. The Alaskan people truly have a unique fishing style of their own and it was a learning experience for me for sure. There is very little catch and release there. If you catch it and its legal, you keep it. If the fish is in any way snagged at all on certain rivers, you have to release it, even if its going to die. We saw tons of wildlife, everything from sea lions to giant otters to humpbacks to bald eagles. Didn't see the first bear, but we were happy about that. If you are fishing the more populated areas, you probably won't see them either, but if you are the type to get off the beaten path and find your own private fishing destination, you better bring bear spray just in case.

We took a charter on a Lake Lucille in Wasilla for big rainbows too; that's the lake that Sarah Palin's house is on. We didn't believe the guide, but when she came out of the house and was doing yard work 100 yards away, we all got a big chuckle out of it. It was even funnier that her house is only a few doors down from the Best Western. Certainly not what I thought it would be. bigsmile The rainbow bite was slow, but because of the recent higher temperatures, we finally found the fish a little deeper than normal. Caught several in the 17-19" range and one at 22". That's bigger than any rainbow I've ever caught, so I was extremely happy about that. The guide showed us a picture of him with a 36" monster that was incredible....we didn't see any of those fish, but we were looking hard for them! bigsmile

All the sightseeing stuff that we snuck in was fantastic too; there was no shortage of glaciers and wildlife where ever you looked. We even got our own guided tour of Elmendorf USAF base in Anchorage. That is a sweet set up; they even have their own on base skiing/tubing facilities. Not too shabby. I really could have used another week there, but reality sets in and you have to come home eventually. I'll already thinking about planning a trip there next June to get on the Kings. I'll sleep when I'm dead!

This was about 12:30AM

Rescued eagle on the USAF base, could no longer fly

Heading offshore out of Seward

First sockeye on the fly

First day's catch

May all your favorite bands stay together......
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Awesome photos and a fantastic looking trip! I went almost ten years ago and had a great time, did much of the same fishing as you (Kenai, Seward, some random spots). I will tell you that you didn't miss much on the halibut. Aside from the size of the beasts, it's pretty boring fishing -- you just wrench something heavy up from the bottom of the sea pretty much 100% vertical and that's about it. Honestly if I go back, I'll skip halibut. You hit the best of the fishing for sure!
my salmon never got here. neither did my invite for the next trip.

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"Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017
I have made several trips to the Army facility in Seward. Great accommodations and three nice head boats for fishing. We had plans to go back up last summer but the covids got in the way. We changed our plans to this summer and got ready for a July trip. I got a call last week from the installation manager, he said we could come on up if we wanted but the bar, restaurant and fishing boats would be closed for the rest of the year. Had nothing to do with woo flu, he said they just couldn't get enough help to run the place.

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