Moving to South Carolina

I have been informed that my job will be taking me to the South Carolina area. Looking for any information, suggestions or opinions on where the best place to depart to fish the offshore banks are. Also will not be bringing my boat, so what is the optimal boat that is used to fish offshore. Gents, any advice is much appreciated.

Looking fwd to meet some good ole boys (7cs). Can I get a YUT!
thanks for your service AM welcome back!

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Why do y'all think the population of the south has increased so much. because all the northern people are moving down here, they know where the better life is.LOL
No argument there myrtle
If reallatitude doesnt put me under the tires, we're golden.
nah 7cs as long as you are no where close when my wife is driving believe me I had to dive out of the way a few times and still not sure if its on purpose. Just looking to get to where the the sun shines in December the fishing is good and the life is better. Been all over and South Carolina is still one of my favorite places in the country. Fished in a lot of places havent done a lot in SC but looking forward to it.
Welcome to the south. Just remember when its time to vote why S.C is such a nice place to live. We don't vote down here like people up there do( not pointing fingers). For South Carolina to stay what made it appealing to move here, we have to keep the party that has help make it this way in place. Hope you enjoy and learn about offshore fishing. I have no more to add.
Avid fisherman, motorcycle rider who has done multiple military escorts, retired NYC Cop NRA member and a huge supporter of the men and women who risk their lives for this country. Not a huge fan of any politician but know where I stand when you have to pick the best of the bunch. Thanks for the welcome and point taken. Look forward to fishing with you.
wow from long island . I did the same thing 12 years ago. I'm glad to move to Sarasota fl. S.C. didn't do it for me at all. good luck to you.

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thanks for the vote of confidence y'all. I think minus the accent I fit in better down south then up north then again Im getting to old to worry about the whole "fit in" thing just ask most my clothes. The sound of a 50 going off is the universal language

Doesn't matter how well you think you fit in or not because once a "native" knows you're a transplant, they won't let you forget it.

" a man and PM me."

We recently hired on a welder from Jersey...... He has fitted in well and takes all the ribbing we give him with a loving heart! Gotta have thick skin with some of us down here!

Welcome to the sight!

The optimal boat used to fish offshore around here has been discussed quit often, all you really need are tidal rails and an epirb and you can fish anything. ~~ smile