Moving to South Carolina

I have been informed that my job will be taking me to the South Carolina area. Looking for any information, suggestions or opinions on where the best place to depart to fish the offshore banks are. Also will not be bringing my boat, so what is the optimal boat that is used to fish offshore. Gents, any advice is much appreciated.

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Ouch, kinda like a kidney? Moving to the Charleston area not sure anyone there actually is a "native" anymore. Im up north in Moncks so a few more natives up that way but man been coming to SC for a lot of years and its changed a lot.

I'm the fourth generation on my father's side, eighth on my mother's. I'm a Charleston native.

I'm tired of all the people moving here too, but can't blame them. I've been all over the world, and nothing beats this place. I'll die here.

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Angler Mgt: here's some reference material for you on trolling areas off CHS. It will help you get acclimated to the offshore areas people here discuss. Also, pick up a copy of the "MAPS UNIQUE" originally started by Capt Chip Berry... it has a ton of the info you need for offshore fishing.

32 47.485,-78 19.378,Winyah Scarp,WINSCARP
32 34.389,-78 35.671,Georgetown Hole,GTH 64nm@98d
32 29.811,-78 47.806,Southwest Banks,SWBANKS
32 20.770,-79 02.900,The Ledge,THELEDGE
32 08.321,-79 17.468,Royal Terrace,ROYLTRC
32 08.320,-78 58.030,Ammo Dump,AMMODMP
32 07.537,-78 56.688,380 Hole,380HOLE
32 00.686,-79 05.773,226 Hole,226HOLE 55nm@140d
32 03.746,-79 24.401,Edisto Banks,EDSTOBNX
31 32.961,-79 43.493,The Deli,DELI 65nm@119 Brighton Beach / Bluffton
31 39.700,-79 39.600,Old NOAA Bouy,NOAABOUY
31 33.838,-79 40.667,Sow Pen,SOWPEN
31 21.525,-79 50.403,The Deep Water Wreck,DEEPWREK
31 16.769,-79 52.069,The Triple Ledge,TRIPLDGE
31 06.416,-79 55.300,The South Ledge,S-LEDGE

A lot of people here like the Pioneer line of boats. If you can find a Contender style boat that you like, that would be an awesome choice also.

Welcome to the South. You'll have to use a knife to cut thru the BS and the humidity here.

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would be glad to help you get set-up for fishing in sc private message if interested
Myrtle Beach is the best place in South Carolina. You should move there.

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Cut my teeth Fishing New England waters and around Montauk out of point Judith Rhode Island. Got stationed down here in the Marine Corps 1984 never went home. I still catch quite a bit of the anti-Yankee bull****, but I just smile and out fish them… Send me a PM if you want to hook up .


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Love the Montauk fishing pulled plenty of Stripers out of Montauk. I spent most of my time offshore Southern Long Island from the tip of the canyon out to 100 square and the elbow fishing Yellow Fin, Big eye and Swords. Gonna miss some of it but I always loved the Charleston area and looking forward to fishing it. Unfortunately Im stuck up North packing the house and boat won't be delivered until the summer doldrums in July but it will give me some time to work out the bugs. No problems with the Yankee crap I can take it and dish it Im home wherever I am and dont expect to have any problems fishing with the best of the natives once I get my feet wet. Ill definitely PM you and hook up. Thanks
I wonder how the southern man would be received up north if he couldn’t hack it down here and had to move up there?You know,if the shoe was on the other foot.
Well, there is this former Marine from Rhode Island who has done very well for himself down here. Now what is his name? Oh yes Sellsfish! So it is possible.

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Im a transplant from the south (New Orleans)and moved up here to the north 15 years ago.I have been pleasantly surprised how little pressure there is on the fishing here and those that do fish are often very informative and generous with the local fishing knowledge. Lots of cruising and sand bar activity but not a lot of hard core fisherman or at least compared to south Louisiana. It really depends on what kind of fishing you want to do. You might find that the inshore fishing here is something new to try if you are used to offshore. We are fortunate to have very good inshore, nearshore and offshore fishing here that can be done year round.IMO Best boats for around these waters are faster cc due to the longer runs offshore. Weather is fairly predictable so curtains usually suffice for getting out of the cold/rain. If you are looking at one all around boat, a 25-30ft cc will allow you to run around inshore as well as get to the offshore spots as long as you pay attention to the seas.I have a 27ft seahunt that Im thinking of selling if interested.
An express would be nice as well but probably a bit slower but also more protection from the elements. Not as versatile inshore but great for a dedicated offshore sled. Id be happy to discuss further.

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Redfish are the backbone of our inshore fishery. You can catch them from. 4inches long to 4ft and from 4inches of water to 80ft. I wouldnt worry about not being from around here ita a friendly place.