Democrats hate the 2nd Amendment

Another communist plank is disarming the citizens so you will have lost your ability to battle a tyrannical government.

If you support democrats you support gun confiscation by a thousand cuts.

We must ban automobiles, poison & falls which far surpass deaths by guns or don't facts matter?

c/p - Those who want to ban guns use deceptive and dishonest terms such as “gun violence,” an illiterate use of language. Guns are inanimate objects like a hammer or a screwdriver. They are not capable of taking action such as committing violence. They have to be used or misused by people intent on committing violence. Therefore, there can be no such thing as “gun violence.” There can only be violence committed by people using guns or hammers or screwdrivers, or whatever.
c/p - The same pol who had fought to ban handguns, expand the gun registry and pressured banks to use their monopolistic power to impose gun control, was doing exactly what he banned others from doing.

any questions?
Our new Democratic Congressman Joe Cunningham packs.

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Our new Democratic Congressman Joe Cunningham packs..... yep a six pack! clownsmile

and about the Gun Show's a myth

if you keep voting for them dems, the only firearm you'll get to use is if they hire or force you to protect them from perceived threats
If dems won every election across the U.S., confiscate all your guns, would they then focus on deadly fishing hooks?

dems are miserable in all aspects of life so they receive joy by making others miserable
Without the second amendment. You will no longer be a citizen.
Prepare to be a subject if the Democrats win the next Presidential election.

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