New Old Truck Project

Any of you guys remember driving around in one of these? This is my new project and I hope to document the progress here or lose all interest in 6 months and forget about it totally. This was a Christmas gift from my father-in-law. Its a 1972 GMC 1500 stepside pickup. 2wd, straight six, manual 3 on the tree, no A/C, no radio and has been sitting all alone for the last 35 years or so. Never wrecked, but has some major rust issues due to being stored outside on dirt under some oak trees. Everything is original minus the steering wheel. The original was broken somehow and a junkyard blue steering wheel was installed.

I've never tackled anything like this before. I'm certainly someone handy and can figure most things out, but I haven't restored a car/truck least not to this level. There's lots of elbow grease in my near future I'm sure and I plan to keep the truck as original as I can within reason. My agenda is to make it safe and functional first, then maybe make it pretty down the road. So far, I plan to:

Replace tires
Salvage original rims/dogdishes if possible
Gut interior saving whatever I can
Replace Front Grill/headlights
Replace hood
Replace/repair Driver's door
Replace/repair Passenger's door
New coils/shocks/suspension components
New brakes (drum rear/disc front)
New fuel tank/fuel lines
Carbeurator rebuild
I'm sure this will need motor work of some kind
New interior dash (cracked and rotten)
Refurbish if possible door panels
Driver's side window mechanism work
Passenger side door lock install
Possible aftermarket A/C--it is Charleston afterall!

These are the things I know about so far. I'm sure this list will grow dramatically. I've already purchased some tires to get this thing mobile. Step 1 of 1,986 complete! I will gladly take advice or work volunteers. bigsmile

"Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017

Heading to the house

Original interior

As originally found

First wash in 35 years

"Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017
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Looks like a good project truck Ricky. I owned a '66 F100 for about 5 yrs. Just didn't have the time to work on it like I wanted to. It sure was fun to drive. My boys learned how to drive manual with a 3 on the tree :)

You can find forums like but for "slicks" and newer 70s trucks, especially Chevys. Those guys are a wealth of knowledge. I learned a lot by hanging around a F100 slick forum. Its nice to have a vehicle that you can actually work on, no power nuthin!

Good luck with it

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Buddy of mine has a 69 like that one, has a 383 stroker in it.
I HAD a 70 long bed 2wd with a 350 in it. It was my 1st vehicle & to this day still my favorite. I ended up getting rid of because I was hard up for $$.
Keep the updates coming, can't wait to see how it goes.
Frame integrity is number one.

Tools to do the different jobs.

Kinda like the train hobby...only bigger. Be careful, steel is unforgiving weight.

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Hey Ricky,
$20,000 from now you are going to have a nice cruiser worth $16000. I've done several of these and mostly older models and never broken even.
However; you will have tons of fun along the way and bragging rights about doing the build. Best of luck.
Old girl does not look too bad, heavy rust/rot are restoration enemy number 1 and from the pictures I don’t see too much beyond the usual stuff.

The good news is that most parts are probably pretty available for it. I have a restored FJ-40 which cost a ton to restore because of parts cost and availability.

My 2¢ worth of advice: Double your budget, don’t expect it to ever be monetarily worth what you will have in it, don’t give up and you will be proud of it for a long time.
Peapod was right, sheepshead reef...good luck with the rebuild...

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So have you given up trains already? Just asking for Peapod.

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Nice father in law,he must like you a lot.Doesn’t seem to get rid of much . Good luck and there’s no shame in farming out some of the work in order to get it back on the road in a timely manner.
Ditch the six, look into GM factory crate 350 with warranty. Look for a older 700R4 to help on fuel mileage and drivability, floor mounted shifter, power steering upgrade, I'd imagine drum brakes up front..? if so ditch em for disk,

I'd suggest first thing pull the bed off and look frame over good, For a piece of mind I'd replace all brake lines. That passenger side pillar will need some attention. Hit up LMC or Ebay for body panels. You can find a/c systems for that truck around $1500.

Depending on how much body work MissLilly is probably pretty close to money mark.

After putting down some money numbers budget for more, You'll be amazed by the "little" stuff that comes up nickel and diming you. Don't get in a rush! Also think about just how original you want it and then don't rule out some modern gauges rather than the old factory stuff. They have original fit stuff out there, but it can be costly.

Keep us all posted! I've seen a few restoration projects that they actually incorporate the rusty old look into it. Not my taste, but popular in some groups.