Get Serious With Wacky Rigs For Spring Time Bass

During the Pre-Spawn and Spawn season a Wacky Rig can be a useful option for fishing a variety of depths to locate scattered, suspended, or bedding fish. While some anglers have adopted the Wacky Rig as a permanent staple in their tackle box, others may not be as familiar with this versatile bait.. read on here for the whole article

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I like that hook, who makes it?
Originally posted by pitcher

I like that hook, who makes it?

Most of your "name brand" hook manufacturers make a weedless wacky hook like that. More than likely, your favorite hook brand makes one.

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Shoot, don't limit yourself to the spring. I've caught bass in just about every part of the year on a wacky rig. A great lure to use if you're not sure if there are fish somewhere.

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