Bass Boat recommendations

I am in the market for a bass boat. Im familar with Rangers and Tritons, but dont have much knowledge beyond. I know KVD uses a Nitro, but he gets paid, and I am not impressed. I liked a Bass Cat I looked at in Georgia.

Budget isnt an issue. Thanks !!

When are you looking at buying? My son has a Skeeter with a 150 Yamaha he's going to be putting on the market in order to get another boat, but it might be late summer before he does.
Nitros cost 20k less thank rangers and skeeters for a reason. I fish on my buddys 2018 ranger 521 regularly and its freaking awesome, it will eat up a chop and runs low 70's loaded. The skeeters ride pretty good also, phoenix is faster but don't ride as well and never ridden on a basscat but have looked one over and its looks really nice. Last but not least is Falcon, if I was in the market that would be my choice, locally made in Newberry and they really support our South Carolina guys fishing the elite series. I heard the ride was great and they are quick.
I was always partial to a Stratos but that's no more unless you can find a good used one. I'm with salty on the ranger, search the RB series, a reasonable priced aluminum fresh/salt series. I've been looking and want something versatile for fresh or salt and able to take on some chop. Or maybe just another skiff to beat and gather oysters from time to time.