Friday Saturday morning

Made it out Friday morning for a couple hours.The ocean was like a washing machine at the jetties.went back in the creek started throwing a top water. 3 lizard fish give up the top water. Got a couple small trout on green moon bass assassin.
Back out Saturday morning at the landing 6:30. was already probably 25 boats. Started Dunn sound. 3 nice trout for dinner 17-19". Head to the jetties.

Made a run down the beach to look for puggies couldn't find any. There must have been 20 boats or more at the jetties. Boat anchored up about 25 ft from me. Three guys on the boat.Within about 10 minutes all of them were puking. But they stuck with it. Big rollers kind of sloppy. Laughing my ass off.I stayed about an hour headed to the house. No fish. I didn't see anyone else hooking up.

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Thats so funny. I worked with a guy that would puke from the wakes of other boats but would be on the water ever chance he got.
Hope to give it a shot Thursday.

Spring maid pier has neen pulling them in the evenings & nights. There has been a lot of big Reds pulled in there this season.

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