Muschamp ShitCanned---Who's Next?

I have been tossing around the idea of Brent Venables or maybe even Harbaugh. I think if I were a Coot that's who I'd be pulling for right about now.

As far as Freeze goes, I don't think Sankey will go for it because he stopped Hugh from going to work for Nick at Alabama, but at the time Freeze was still sanctioned. He isn't now, but thats only one problem I see right off the cuff.

Another is, Why in the name of plucked cocks everywhere would Sakerlinah want to go down the road so many other teams have by trying to save a little money and going for the lowest hanging fruit. Look what happened to the once mighty University of Tennessee (God Bless Jeremy Pruitt by the way), when they tried to save a little money and roll the dice with the likes of Dooley the dummy, Kiffen the jinx, and Butch the bricklayer.

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that Sakerlinah already screwed up royally this last time by hiring a cross conference coach after he was fired for incompetence. Why oh why would you think going down that same path would be anywhere in the ballpark of a good idea?

I guess my point is that if you fail to get it right this time you end up in much worse shape for a much longer time.

Realistically I am not sure even John Dalton could straighten out this particular coop.

Thats all I got for now. As you were

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RBF, go back to the political section and dilute that place. Honestly it's the guys like you in here that think they are being cute by posting on every topic that have literally destroyed this place. Your constant cut/paste of BS with only vague points and regurgitated talking points are quite honestly like playing cards with my sisters kids*

Just trying to go back and live the PN days,,,,,,,,,,,Spivey was the master at c/p anything that was in print.Originally posted by poly ball

You can do better Bolbie. I truly expected more. Thats some weak assed stinky washed out bait,,,,,heck, You didn't even jig it.

Take your mulligan, go ahead, its no shame.

And when you finish, take this scruffy old TKS doll and show me exactly where the mean man hurt you. be specific too, we all want to know.

cue Dick Head and crew.........In 3----2-----1....

How bout Billy Napier
How bout Billy Napier Originally posted by sman

Heard lots of good things about him, and he seems to want the position as he turned down a job last year thinking the SC job might open up...

Wish they would've given Shawn Elliot a "fair shake" at the opportunity, and could have done so at a much more reasonable contract amount/terms...


No, many military choose not to vote because they are too lazy to.
Originally posted by Fred67
Things went from bad to worse today with at least 4 guys quitting and walking out like Spurrier did.

Now Shaw is coming back, which I'm not so sure is a good idea either. Why you ask?

Lets see, after leaving the Cocks Shaw goes undrafted and after the draft signs with Cleveland on the practice squad. After Manzel and Hoyer got hurt they brought Shaw up from the practice squad for his one and only NFL game,,,,,where by the way he never scored and threw at least one Interception as I recall.

But wait, theres more. After his illustrious career at Cleveland Shaw gets drafted to the Bears practice squad where he stayed on the injured list until he was fired later that year.

If that weren’t enough Conner then takes a job at Furman in a coaching position only to quit before the first snap of the season, again following in his hero Spurriers footsteps and leaving the Paladins in the shape they find themselves in today. (Monkey see, Monkey Do)?

But anyway, I don't think Shaw is a great fit for the Cocks even though he falls right in line with the mentality and environment that has become the Gamecocks M O.

Just some random thoughts. Thats all I got. As you wereOriginally posted by HEAD ADMINISTRATOR--Edisto Fisher
Leave Connor Shaw alone. What was his record against Tennessee?

After being released, a lot of fish die, but a lot of them live also.
It's only the last one I really remember.

Besides, everybody beat up on Dooley
I just heard from my brother in law, that his wifes 1st cousin (by marriage) has a neighbor that works in the athletic department at Cincinnati and they said..........just kidding

But all my sources are pointing to all the posturing happening in and around the Cincy program.

Hey, Luke Fickell would be a good fit, he'd be punching up for awhile, but who in the SEC doesn't start that way (usually in a big way)

Anyway, my money is on Fickell

As you were
Based on 100+ years of mediocrity and failure, does it really matter who they hire.

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Yeah, but do you consider a dog to be a filthy animal? I wouldn't go so far as to call a dog filthy but they're definitely dirty. But, a dog's got personality. Personality goes a long way.

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So anyway, what's the word on Beamer?

we only have a couple months before pigskin gets kicked around again.

you sakerlinah boys gonna be able to field a team?

Orange fans everywhere want to know. Pencils up


So anyway, what's the word on Beamer?

we only have a couple months before pigskin gets kicked around again.

you sakerlinah boys gonna be able to field a team?

Orange fans everywhere want to know. Pencils up


Originally posted by Edisto Fisher--Staff

We definately did much better recruiting. I feel great about running game which should open up a decent offense. we picked up a lot of DB's which we really needed. It all depends on how well he can manage the game and how good his play callers are. I can't wait to see!!!

B.O.A.T. Bust Out Another Thousand!


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