The Business of Changing Times,,,,,

,,,OK, like it or not, whichever side of the political fence you currently throw your schitt across, the simple fact is the Business of Doing Business is about to change. For better or worse remains to be seen I suppose.

The point of this thread is to document current prices for things (goods and services) that are important to your business, but more importantly current prices as they relate directly to you and your family.

Please, no attacking Trump or Biden. Lets just put the facts here and let them lie where they fall so as to look back later and see what we didn't see.

OK, Ill start.

Gas where I live and buy it is just under $2.00 a gallon.

I have Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance thru the State of North Carolina (my wife is a teacher) and I pay $540 a month for pretty good insurance.

A case of Bud heavy is $17 at Walmart and closer to $20 at Publix

I had my teeth cleaned last week (no insurance) cost me $117

Lean ground beef at Publix is $3.79 a pound

Shrimp/ Frozen 31/35's at $5.99 a pound

The Dow Jones hit 30,400 just the other day

My overall financial portfolio went up (just a thumbnail) a little over 25%

I could go on and on, but you get the idea. Try and not fukkk it up

OK, whos next?

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Inflation has food prices up 0.7% over just last month.

ribeye $18.58lb

Beef -up 9.6%
Bacon — up 15.6%.
general pork - up 6.4%
Whole milk — up 11.2%.
Eggs — up 5.7%.
Ground coffee — up 1.9%.
Bananas — up 1.2%.
Natural Gas up 12%, that's gonna be nice for all those up North that rely on this for heating.
Just think by the time it turns cold then folks will probably be paying 50% more. I see diesel is $3.40.
But I'm glad that has no effect on the prices of stuff on the shelves.. we all know it just magically appears there..

For non-ethanol this weekend in the boat..
Just paid the same thing off of i-26 on the way to Greenville for premium with corn squeezin's. If I don't run premium in the bike she rattles and pings. Sounds like a diesel..
Regular gas..$4 a gallon by the end of the year?

You find things offensive.
I find things funny.
That's why I'm happier than you.

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