Shad 2021

Who's ready?? I get home in late January & will be looking for reports, if not i'll give it a go.

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Limits were caught today by people I trust & have seen pics.

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Guess I'll go give them a try one day next week. Got some new Sabiki Rigs today to try. My imitation of a chartreuse grub bigsmile
Tug At which water way did they catch limits?
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I saw some reports from each waterway and they seemed about a week to 2 weeks old. A little bit of fish at each place. Jiggin jerry on youtube has a video from the tailrace. He caught a limit in January. I migbt go next weekend. If i do ill put up a report, i might stop by all the spots to see whats what.
Well tailrace has been ruined by not turning loose any water nowadays.That being said,if you were to get any shad there it would be very early in the run.Originally posted by sman

We used to start there in late January & our best week was always around President’s Day. My youngest got a 11lb bass there shad fishing. When he was 5.

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My youngest got a 12 pounder. He was 4.
Went by all 3 spots. Dead dead and dead. Low water at one which messes with the fishing, high water at the other which messes with the fishing, the tail race seemed normal but no crowds. During any fish run including the shad run crowds means bites, i saw no one on the water and caught nothing. I had two bites a big heavy thump i think was a catfish and something that felt like a panfish tap tap tap tug tug tug. I heard the game wardens are out posing as fishers and best reports i heard in person were a wave of shad like a week ago then dead water. Apparently the lakes are real low but firing off. Reports of some xtra large crappies around trophy size 3 and 4 lbers but lips got tight and looks got tuff when i was caught listening. Lol

The gas station is gone but they are still open.

48 degree up by the dam i saw 52 in a still sunny pocket of water and it was 50 degrees further away from the dam. The river had a .8 to 1.2 mph current in the deeper slower spots and i hit 3.8 mph over the shallow less then a ft deep spots while drifting with the flow. Todays water flow was 400 to 600 cubic ft but i think it averaged 550 and i think the record low is 440ish and the gauge water level height was 2.2 to 2.4ft. Conditions were super prime to kayak this place and crossing the shallows was still tough. 3.8 mph river water was comparable to heavy heavy current in salt water at one point i hit a patch i thought might not be able to paddle through.

Marked some micro bait and something huge. It was near the bottom of a 27ft hole about 22ft when i first marked it and it followed my kayak for about 100 to 200ft. It rose from 22 to 12ft were the mark got to be the biggest and strongest mark i have ever seen on a fish finder. I can see like a head section middle body section and a tail and this mark just went from giant fish to eat my kayak size. I can see the head and tail go up and down on the fish finder. At this point im thinking this might be some rouge winter gator and if its out in 50 degree water feeding im top choice. Well im watching the fish finder and i see it clear as day a paw/hand go down and paddle and the mark come up from 12ft to 6ft and at this point the mark is the size of my screen wide as my screen. Im about 20ft off the bank at this point and i smoke it to the bank and become a bank fisher. Im looking for signs of a gator and see a otter come over to me. Hmmmm. I fished off the bank for about an hour and saw little to no life and no gators but saw a few boils where things broke the surface. Im not sure if i marked the otter or a gator but it followed and scared me.

I would not recommend kayaking these spots.
It says low water dangerous but see trash washed 20ft in the trees. Id hate to see the water actually pushing.

Id say tailrace is your top choice for the next few weeks and im gonna wait a while before i go again.
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Well darn, I have the boat loaded up to go try the Shad tomorrow...guess i'll wait another week after that report.
" I would not recommend kayaking these spots.
It says low water dangerous but see trash washed 20ft in the trees. Id hate to see the water actually pushing. "

I hunt that area. I've seen the water almost into the parking area many times. There is a large Dove field right across from the landing, and some years you can run a boat across it. When we tie up our boats to hunt, we use a long rope and tie off at the top of the hill...or your boat will be submerged tied off close to the water line if they raise the water fast.

It was low water a few weeks ago, water looks normal now in your pictures.
It’s getting pretty serious if 40 gets spooked.haha Maybe it was a big sturgeon?The biggest gator I ever seen was at Wilson’s when I was slippin into the sanctuary.
It was the lowest ive seen it and i only go when its low. Nearly no current in the deeper pockets but just down from the landing it was 6 inches to a ft deep. I had to paddle different because it wasnt deep enough to paddle correctly.

Though winter gator is rare the deep hole was the warmest area in the entire area by 2 degrees 48 every where and 50 there and it had 52 on the surface and the area i marked the big mark was where the sun shines the most. So if it was to go warm anywhere it would be there. After seeing the otter the mark was crazy bright so maybe that was it. But when the paw paddle under it i had to go.

I havent heard an update on anything on anywhere but arrowhead and word is its picking up with a mix of buck and roe shad and some early herring.
LOTS of Gators around to the right, past the cable. Had a buddy have to recover a Doe a couple of years ago that ended up in the water there. He had a dozen Gators coming after it as he was struggling to get it up onto the shore.

Lowest I've seen the water was about 6 inches under the power lines, years ago. They were doing work on the tunnel that lets water out to maintain minimum flow.

Planning to try Arrowhead this Wednesday or Thursday.