Shad 2021

Who's ready?? I get home in late January & will be looking for reports, if not i'll give it a go.

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no such thing.

catch em up
Didn't start bitting until 9:00, kept 10 Bucks, and released a few Roe. Only 4 other boats were there. Done by 10:00.
Good job there shad daddy! I’m fixin to go soon!
I'm off Friday, will try to head up there. maybe most of the crowd will be working and the shad will still be running.


One Simple Thanks!!

My son said the herring bite at arrowhead is on fire. Shad are being caught on sabiki rigs cause current is rolling. They went to the tailrace & no one is doing a thing today

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They went today & crushed them.

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Well, I'm done catching bait. Arrowhead this morning. About half on Sabiki and half on chartreuse grubs. Got a few free Sabiki rigs too, couple of guys anchored up current from me a little to close and kept snagging my anchor line. After the 3rd lost rig they moved. I hate unhooking those rigs from my rope though. Caught a couple of 23-24 inch Stripers too.
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Was the water still running so fast that you need alot of lead?. Nice catch and thanks.

You can't catch fish on a dry line
Was the water still running so fast that you need alot of lead?. Nice catch and thanks.

You can't catch fish on a dry lineOriginally posted by Marsh-picker

Yep. I used 2 oz weights on my lines I had rigged for the jigs that I cast out then place in rod holders, but had to use a 6 oz sinker on the Sabiki to keep it close to the boat.
I went today 3/10/21 to arrowhead. Wanted to get there at 9 am but was on my brothers time so we got there at close to 1. About 2 ft of draw down on the bank and no water movement. The shad were steady on sabikis and catchable on grubs. My brother, my dad and i went and the old man cleaned house. He caught probably 25 shad 4 herring and a cat, bro caught 5 or 6 shad a cat and 4 herring and i got 5 or 6 shad. The old man had different sabikis and weight throughout the day so it was how he jigged it. Cats on cut herring on a carolina rig tossed in the middle only cat fished for about an hr. The guy in front of us was the hot boat and he was chumming with garlic. 100 percent chumming with garlic. Pouring it on his sabiki and in the water and he was out catching everyone about 5 to 1 most of the time i was there until my old man went from steady to hot and cleaned up on them toward the end. He was imo the best spot and we were in the second best. I think we might of got the down stream chum effect.

My thoughts on the bite. Mid day high sun mirror calm slowed the bite more then the lack of water flow did.The shad may bite wind related and light related more then current related when currents are slow. Most our bites came when a breeze came and after noticing the pattern it happened 3 more times. Air pressure, a little wind current, ripple effect idk but it happened a total of 6 times that i counted. Once the sun started to fall the bite improved. After 3 oclock the herring showed up slowly as it got they seemed to be more active as did the shad. After 4 they were busting the surface all over as we were leaving to head to Music Man BBQ. Dnr trucks parked around but no officers to be seen.

If you have thoughts about going go. The morning and afternoon have better bites most the time.


Some big girls there still.
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