Building your own private pond

Has anyone done this or been a part of doing this?

Anyone that knows me knows I don't do things halfway. Before I get carried away, I'm looking for tips/tricks to not waste time, effort, and money. Is there anything you would or wouldn't do again?

-I have the land
-Pond size is about an acre 2-8' deep
-Planning on Bluegill, shellcracker, catfish, mosquito minnows, and eventually bass
-Structure in the pond-how much is too much?
-Will fish readily reproduce or do I need to facilitate this with structure?

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Cool deal. You'll have fun with it. I'd work on getting the banks seeded to keep the run off from further mudding the water. aluminum sulfate (alum) will work really quick to clarify it by clumping clay particles but normally you'll have to add some lime to bring the PH back up from it. Get some Gypsum and it will also clear up a pond by binding with clay particles. I'll add in my experience most "cat" fish ponds never really "clear" up due to them constantly stirring up the bottom.

I'm still partial to Cypress trees planted at the water line. IMO they are the best way to keeps banks together and look nice. You can hit up most any swamp area that you see some big ones growing and dig your own little ones. Don't go after anything taller than a foot, they have a tap root to China. They grow down before they grow up .

I'm talking all about clearing the water, but remember you don't want it too clear! Dad and I had a dude from DNR and Clemson look a couple over. They said you only want to see a white rag about 18" down.

Another pretty cool additive is the Blue dye you can buy. I've done it once and it lasted almost a year before petering out.

As your Pond gets established, if you start getting a lot of Vegetation/weed growth you may want to get a couple of sterile asian carp. a couple will do, those things get big.