Congaree River Columbia to Lake Marion

I have a 1985 Montauk 17, classic model and I have always wanted to put in on the river in Columbia and cruise the Congaree to Lake Marion. Once there I want to spend the weekend at the State Park. Has anyone made this trip? Pointers? Deep enough water? Snags?

1985 Montauk 17
Yamaha F70
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It’s been 60 years since I started doing it but back in my college days we used to put in at the 601 bridge and drift down to the Wateree then go up it a ways to spend a week or so duck hunting during Christmas break. The last time we did this was the winter of ‘70, I think, and used a 16’ Glassmaster runabout as our tow boat and had no problems. So from those experiences I think you can do as you stated from 601 but I don’t know about up river from there. I would think you would be alright unless you came upon some rocks, just don’t know how bad they are that close to the fall line.