About time

Me and the old lady lady finally got on the water today..
Started out fishing the docks at plantation harbor & down around the drawbridge looking for stripers no luck.

Water was ripping at the drawbridge

Moved on to dunn sound. Fished the main Creek for a little bit looking for trout. Again no luck.
Most of the oyster beds back in the main Creek have been wiped out picked clean.

The sound was plum dry dead low tide. Moved back into the Creeks as far as we could looking for reds. They found us before we found them. Spooked a couple nice schools.
Found another school hooked and lost it then bumped the oysters and spooked them. Called at a day. Try again tomorrow. But will remember to bring some 6 and 4 inch white jerk baits for the stripers. And a push pole .

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Catch anything besides a buzz.I bet you seen a few other boats.Haha.I rode by cypress gardens and it was packed with look at me guys.
Maybe better luck today but I bet it was still nice to get out again.

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