Late Reports

The family & I put in at MI, was calling for 10mph North wind to ease off as the day went on but that was wrong. It only got worse & was cold. Couldn't find any spots to get out of the wind so we gave up after a few hours of catching nothing. Even the couple of spots we always catch some small or trash fish was not producing anything. Talked to a few others on the water & they had no luck either.

It was just me, so I decided to hit GT since the wind was suppose to not be that bad there, was I wrong. I put in at the ferry landing down near the jetty end since that is where i was planning to fish at. Should have new something was up when I got there & there was only one boat trailer in the lot. Wind was too bad to head to the jetties so I went toward the Santee river side. Wind was worse than the day before, I found an area to get out of the wind but the water was ripping way to bad in that area & had no luck. After dropping a glove in the water I decided to call it a day. As I was coming in a large boat came up as well, it was a guide doing a tour & they were taking a break at the landing to get out of the wind for a bit. He had came in from the jetty end & said it was hell with the North wind, glad I decided not to go that way after all.

2 cold & windy days with no fish to show but still better than sitting at work.

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If I don't get out soon and catch something. Going to get the neighbors little foo foo dog.Put a snap ring on, hook it to his collar and fire a gun. Hopefully he can pull some drag.

Like you said it'd be holding down the couch.

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