Catching Flounder and Speckled Trout from the Bank Report

[file ]error[/file]I fished the incoming tide both trips in this video using artificial and some live mud minnows. I caught all of the flounder on the artificial just slowly bouncing it. The trout were all caught on a live mud minnow on a cork.

This spot is usually best with the tide going out and at dead low. Once the crab trap is visible, then the bite usually comes on and when you cannot see it then it is time to move on. If you need bait, a lot of it gets sucked out to the other side of the drain but it is much more difficult to get down for good footing.

The weather was nice both days with a lot of sun on one of the days and some over cast skies. I didn't put it in the video but there were a few that I missed on the cork. Both days the cork had to float for a long time before getting bites unlike some of the other days that I have been in this spot.

This is a great spot guarded from the wind and it can make for a unique experience by the road.

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