March 24 - Nearshore

Had a short day available so decide to try nearshore. Seas almost flat (can see how flat in the picture) with water temperatures from 58 to 62. Water depth 45 to 55. Interestingly, the water temperatures were higher to the north (moved north about 10 miles during the day) by over 2 degrees.

Went looking for atlantic bonito, mostly, bluefish or spanish. Found a few bonito but not in large numbers or good size. Fished a number of proven marks but the fish just didn't seem to be there yet in big numbers. Maybe pushing the season a bit or just not the right day or spots.

Many, many false albacore in small schools spread over miles in about 40 feet of water. The false albacore were feeding on tiny bait with birds sitting right on the fish. Would have been an opportunity for a fly rod but none on the boat. Could have caught plenty but, as the saying goes, "I haven't yet learned how to enjoy eating false albacore."[img]/Forums/Content/Members/24959/thumbnail false albacore.jpg[/img]

Will wait until the water warms a little more to try nearshore again, maybe next week.

Thanks for the report!

When you refer to "spots" are you looking for structure or depth changes? Also, do the bonito typically hit the jig?
I see the photo did not come through, will try again.

The bonito caught on 3/24 were caught on Clark spoons trolling using planers at around 4.5 kts. I have caught bonito on other, better days with jigs and casting spoons. Small sizes and a fairly fast retrieve.
Spots was just another word for marks on the sounder. In this case, there is structure at the locations we were fishing.
I believe that fush is a false albacore...little tunny...

The question is what's feeding on them?????????????

I've tried them a couple of times...great for big shark bait.

Find out with big plugs/baits/wahoo stuff and drag the outside after you reach marginal utility on catching....dinner.

They fun to catch and work over some tackle. A big bait following that school of those fush might be productive...might not.

That's why they call it fushing.

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