Interesting article! Nazis and Democrats

For those of you who are not old enough to remember Germany's transformation from a Democracy to a Totalitarian state; this is must reading.
The similarities are remarkable. "It can't happen here." Not so sure it isn't happening as I write this post.
Hope all our lib friends read this and learn from it. Or they might be encouraged by it? Who knows?

At 84 years, I only remember my parents fearful discussions of Germany's and Japan's wars in Europe and China that preceded WWII.

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The left has gone into silent mode. So what happened to Cuomo's nursing home murders, false death rate numbers, and sexual harassment cases? Last I heard there have been 10 women come forward.
There you go fear mongering whining and crying.

Hahaha just in case you miss them...
Maybe too busy taking care of the 50 illegals each one of them taken in...

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