Aluminum poling platform?

Hey guys, I have a 13ft sea nymph with a tiller motor...pretty cool little boat, I'm trying to think of ways to maximize my space. In my head I'm thinking a poling platform with a couple rod holders would help with fishability. Does anyone on here do that kind of work or have a recommendation of someone that can help?
Thanks in advance guys.

There are some pre-fab ones available if you are sure about your measurements, but Capt Ed here is your go to guy.

We do require before and after pictures! cool

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Marc Googer of Carolina Custom Rigging did mine and did a great job.
Ok, I'll check out those 3 options...thanks guys!
Yes, pics will definitely come once I get it done!
Hey tennis man ,go to bushy park,whether you got your poling platform or not.Caught em pretty good today,that 13ft should get in the back waters just fine.Big ole horse mullet jumping everywhere.haha I seen some big look at me boats stuck near the landing when I came in.Hopefully,they will never dredge it,it’s the last local outpost.