April 13

Seemed like a good idea at the time. Windfinder said 1.6 feet at 6 and NOAA said 3 to 4 feet dropping to 2 to 3 feet in the afternoon. I decided to believe Windfinder but waited a bit to leave so we would be out more in the afternoon. Should have listened to NOAA. Reality was 3 to 4 on a short interval. Banged our way out and wet coming back in. Had planned to fish deeper water but it wasn't the day.

Did not go far and tried several areas in the 50 to 60 foot range. Nothing. Temperatures varied from 64 to well over 70, all over the place. No bird activity.

Worked back in shallower water at 64 degrees and tried for Spanish, false albacore or bluefish. No Spanish or false albacore. Found nothing trolling spoons and but saw fish closer to the bottom on the sonar. Switched to drifting and jigging. The hot lure was a Gotcha Jigfish with some red on the back. Caught a bunch of bluefish and, a pleasant surprise, weakfish or gray trout. Sort of a day saver. They were close to the bottom and in good size schools that were clearly visible on the sounder.

My wife grew up fishing near Cape Cod long enough ago that weakfish (she calls them squeteague), including big ones, were common. I can't say how long ago. She was delighted to catch some decent size squeteague on the 13th. We have caught a weakfish from time to time here in SC, but small. Forgot why they are called weakfish until we tried to pick them up without a net - not recommended.

Thanks for report,still no false albacore, we may try Saturday or Sunday if weather permits. Anyone seen any fish on top? Thanks

You can't catch fish on a dry line
I got a couple false albacore a few weeks back in 100ft on butterfly jigs. Tried same spot a week later, only pulled a BSB.