4/17/21 First time in my boat

Left Charleston at 6:00 heading for the 226 hole, at 110 feet dropped in three high speed rigs and trolled out to 220 feet no takers. Came across a big rip full of weed and a couple tree stumps 72 degrees on west side 74 to 76 on the east side.
Switched over to the dolphin spread, trying to get the second line in the out rigger get hit, slinger dolphin. Set the spread again same line blue and white 4 inch daisy chain gets hit again, nice size black fin. Stayed on the rip, 3 keeper phins, 1 black fin and a boat load of bonitos. Lost more dolphins than made in the box but first time offshore in my bucket list boat with a green crew, tangled lines, one of my sons almost having a heart attack every time he's on a fish and total disorganization. Had a great time.

I don’t always Tell the Truth,,,
But when I do I exaggerate

Good for you. Thanks for sharing.
Nice temp break and just the beginning of good times.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman
Tree stumps? Man, that could really ruin your day. Never ceases to amaze what can be found floating in the ocean. Sounds like a good day though.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?
The rip was well defined with a trash line, came across 3 trees and an old pier piling. Worked each of them but no schoolies.

I don’t always Tell the Truth,,,
But when I do I exaggerate
Congrats! Yeah we saw some boards floating out there. I think the fishing is about go turn on big time. You were a Hoo hit away from an epic trip!

Keep posting what you see out there!