4.18 wave forecasts were right! Sort of...

The forecast changed from 1 @ 10 to something like 2 @ 4 between last night 11p and early this morning, but we endured the snot with a handful of other boats (not many!). Slow painful ride w.conditions worse than forecast, averaging 20mph through 2-4ft @ 3-4 sec with plenty of 5-6ftrs thrown in for added suck, on the way to 100ft. Discovered some new live bottom spots, which looked great, but produced not a single hit on butterfly jigs. Dropped a 12" live mullet and had probably a large shark that dropped the hook after 10 minutes of a strong fight. Few more drifts over the tasty looking bottom and we had to cut and run due to two occupants puking twice each.

Besides getting skunked, saw a smallish ocean sunfish which was pretty cool.

Saturday we saw at least two dozen sunfish, one of them was easily 6 feet wide along with the most turtles I've ever seen offshore.
Disturbed two of them in the process of furthering the species.

I don’t always Tell the Truth,,,
But when I do I exaggerate