What Is Wrong With You People ?????

,,,,not all of you, but several of you idiots lately with the constant bickering and blackguarding.

Get a life. Really. You are spending way to much time here. You know who you are. If you think I might be talking about you, guess what,,,,,,,I am.

Jesus, I leave for a week and come back to talk of sex with dogs, threesome's with men, names like fags and retards being slung around like this is some sort of after hours flop house. No wonder everyone left and no one wants to come back.

Really, what is wrong with you? Stop it. You are acting like fools, old ignorant fools. Ask yourself if someone you cared about saw what you were writing,,,,, would you be proud?

Some of you need to take a break, on your own volition this time. Really.

As You Were


I have said it before, I'll say it again. The best way to get rid of the handful of ne'er do wells on this site is to STOP responding to their posts. Ignore any thread started by them. Take away their ability to be jerks by not feeding them. They seem to take a perverted pleasure in stirring up crap. Pretty sad and pathetic if you ask me. A couple of them can't respond without resorting to childish name-calling. IGNORE these people.

I, for the most part stay out of the politics section as it has become so contentious and nasty. It simply isn't fun for me and isn't really why I come here anyway. Like Ricky, I have met so many good folks on this site and hate to see what it has become. I do not come here near as much as I used to because of that.

"Apathy is the Glove into Which Evil Slips It's Hand", but really, who cares?
I’m in full control of everything I say and I’m careful not to violate the TOS as you have. As I have said before, I am on a mission and I have a goal to do my part to make this site as friendly as possible. Believe me , there are others that strongly agree with what I am trying to accomplish My target and you for that matter can’t seem to discuss anything without name calling or personal insults or worse. If some how you decide that you can chat with the membership in a civil manner that would be accepted by most everybody here. What EF stated is truth. The political section used to be a nice place to present ones views without all the backbiting. And many of the posters from those days avoid this section because of a few that cause trouble. As Elwood Blues said “ I’m on a mission”.
Haha, replying about someone is the same as replying to them...

Wonder how it feels to have a skeeter buzzing around your face, and then slapping the shitz out of yourself in the face trying to eliminate skeeter, but missing it every time... Must hurt a lot, and that's why I don't do it...

Repubs Belittle Facts
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Two posters, and we all know who they are, have become so vile, hateful and childish in their posts. What an ugly dimension they have added to this site. Interesting how they are on their own little island, and no one on here can stand them, and no one will ever come to their defense.....and they seem to thrive on this.

And to those two: no I'm not gay, not whining, not into chihuahuas, but merely disgusted with this ugly side of Ugly American humanity.
To those of you that believe the Political section has ruined this sight is just ludicrous. Sure it has digressed from a once thought provoking place, but it is The most active forum on the sight right now. Cancel Culture at work I guess? Sure it doesn't help that some are too mean, trolling, resistant to the truth, etc (?) to give substance.

You think hard and the decline of this sight was not about the Political section. It was all the jerks that jumped on people posting pics of Catching fish and keeping them to eat. Or some new guy not really knowing what he was talking about and the older jerk members slamming them ten days to Sunday. I still try to post answers when people have legit questions, but many now are just people showing out and getting followers on posted videos. to those left that do still post some fantastic stuff... Thank you.. Fat Rat, Opticer, stump, stillhunter, 40 red, barbawing, sman, dfreedom, otc, drmajor, marshgrass, (peapod?), Bay, mdaddy, nature, double D, DoublN,Penfish, and a few others... sorry if i missed ya.

Now a days you have a differing opinion on how a fishery should be run, a honey hole fished, or differing Technics, reasons for fish decline you just get people pizzed off and they clam up instead of explaining a difference of opinion.

Facebook and the new format of this sight has been the biggest killer. IMO Not many left that will spend the time to go through the hassle of trying to post a new thread and then jump through hoops to post a pic.

I know posting this thread in the miscellaneous section was a tactic just like the one in the travel section... but why? and why be concerned about someone spending a little bit of time posting on this sight or posting on this sight's Political section? Like someone said.. it does keep the politics out of fishing. I think that's a damm good thing.

I know I'm not perfect and any I've pizzed off other than the two earlier mentioned... I'm sorry. Even as much as Polly and I go at it, at least he doesn't come up with the foul name calling crap. and he will actually post things to back up his stance.