Edisto Surfe

Heading to Edisto tomorrow for a week at the SP. Will be surf fishing. Any pointers are appreciated. What is biting, what bait, and etc.

Thanks in advance

Get some fresh head on shrimp at the seafood market. I throw Carolina rigs around the rock jetties that are on the beach. Usually catch a mixed bag, enough to keep it interesting
Walk north from the park up to Jeremy inlet. Fish the mouth of the inlet on the outgoing and walk up the creek and fish the eddies mid tide to low. If you time it right you can cross Jeremy at low tide pretty easily and walk up to Frampton Inlet where there is some outstanding fishing. Don't wait until high tide to go back and cross Jeremy on your way back.

*"Sea trout are pretty dumb and will generally rise to eat their own schitt, so about any bait properly presented will catch them"

*my friend Douglas, the "Staggerin' Shrimpah"

yep, plan on fishing kind of light and close, i don't think many reds have moved into the surf yet. heard some nice whiting have been out there though, might luck into a black drum, red drum, or even an early pompano now that we're flirting with 70 degree water. there are a few sharks around already too if you cut up a fresh whiting and put it further out.

sunday and monday mornings look good- low tide and light winds.