Where did the Reagan Republicans go?


Enjoy the day, time to haul some horses.....peace.

Fred, the enviro lefties want fuel to get close to $7 per gal. They think this will reduce carbon emissions. These people have sleepy’ earOriginally posted by natureboy

I still stand by my belief Diesel will hit $4.00+ this fall. Electric cars and trucks will be nice when we have practical battery swap out/ charging stations and a cheap Green source for making batteries. The left want's to falsely believe everything about Electric cars is Green, because our New Government admin says it is so. Just more propaganda and lies from the left Green agenda.

Couldn't get a new thread started, but mark my word if something isn't done about getting rid of the covid stimulus money and getting people back to work our Country is going to suffer like it seldom if ever has. Try and find a truck driver right now. There are already fuel transport lines that are running behind on shipments. Order a part that you used to get overnight and see how that works. Got New Holland T5 with 200 hours and the hyd pump failed. It's been three weeks and still no answer when we'll see the new pump. Smoke and mirrors with Biden lying to us all about the best economy ever!!

If fuel gets to $7.00 bucks a gallon, say good by to capitalism. Originally posted by Fred67

Yep! Kobelco just had to close their Spartanburg plant, because they couldn't find a diesel engine manufacturer, that could satisfy the new Federal Mandates. Go figure......


Robinette's Bend Forward


Robinette's Bend ForwardOriginally posted by Mixed Nutz

Great news on your daughter graduating.

My youngest is dept free as well. My older daughter’s got a little bit left. She got a little careless with all the loan eligibility offered to her to use on anything with deferred payments. Wife and I did our part, the “party” money is on her. I can see how so many young college kids can rack up debt so quickly with the colleges offering loans so easy and no stipulations on how it can be used. Originally posted by Fred67



Robinette's Bend Forward