Tougher Than Normal Fishing, But Still Managed A Few & Made Great Memories

I had a blast 2 weeks ago with my parents in town trying to get on the fish in the ICW. While we all had a good time, it was tough locating fish that would bite. Did anyone else have a hard time getting on the fish right after the clamworm hatch? The video above is from two days back to back, on a Thursday and Friday. We ended up getting on a few eventually, but certainly not a steady bite. I hope it has picked up since then! -Tight Lines

I shall let you know. I’m heading out tomorrow. I’ve got popping corks with doa shrimp, artificials and dynamite.
Way to get the P's on some fishthumbsUp Looked like a couple of fun days, thanks for sharing them with the likes of us!

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...well, some fishing too!