ADMIN, look here please

For the last year or whatever, this site has gotten more and more cumbersome and difficult to use. Its the single biggest reason you've lost so much traffic. People are tired of trying to post here and use this fishing site as a resource. It took me ten minutes to figure out how to post a picture this morning, and I've been a member of this website FOR FIFTEEN YEARS! The tools you have here do not work efficiently, and haven't for quite some time. If you want to be a legitimate fishing resource for Charleston, you need to make this LESS COMPLEX and EASIER TO USE. 90% of the original posters here, which drive your traffic and therefore your ad revenue, are gone because of how painful it is to use this site. Please revamp this thing and make it right. This is 2021; let's go.

--The pages are super slow to load even when there are no images on it-FIX IT.
--Uploading pictures to posts is hit or miss. More than 50% of the time, I get the stupid ERROR code with NO EXPLANATION as to what's wrong-FIX IT.
--Randomly it won't let you post anything. This happens on a new topic and less frequently on an already started topic-FIX IT.
--Computers these days are much faster. There's no reason to only load like 10 topics at a time. Load them all based on the time period the user selects (Last day)-FIX IT.
--Avatars don't work 90% of the time. Look around. This is day one stuff and SHOULD NOT BE COMPLICATED-FIX IT.
--The Home page has potential; its not terrible, but its in the wrong order. People come to for information. It should be: Weather, Tide, Sponsors, Fishing Content. In that Order-FIX IT.
--And the background should be the same format as the forums-FIX IT.

I've sent you two emails over the last month on this with ZERO response-FIX IT.

All of this is said with frustration, and love. I've loved this site over the years and met some great people here. But this must be said. You are killing what this site has become over the years.

"Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017
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Spin it, RBF...
Originally posted by Mixed Nutz

Why engage him? Best to just shun him with his lies and spin. He thinks that if you regurgitate something and spin it into lies that somehow that makes him credible with his dribble. Just don't acknowledge him, eventually he will go away.

Here is a prime example of what I am talking about ,,,,,,

RBF says,,,,,"the notion of members being "compensated" with some "sweet feed" is ridiculous... Reality is there are several members who aren't sponsors that "pimp" their products, personal youtube channels, etc. here for FREE... Harold has his product link in his signature line as well as Optiker with his Eye Strike business... I don't see them or many others listed as official sponsors paying for the advertisement and clicks they get for free... Seems rather "liberal" to me the new and old CFC owners allowing it without being compensated in return...

He knows full well that I said that the "sweet feed" in my example was some simple moderation. It doesn't serve his self aggrandized ego if his constant negativity and ignorance are put in a box. It is indicative of his personality, and I feel certain because of that he is loathed by those who know him personally.

For what it's worth Optiker and Harold put up more quality information in a single one of their posts than he ever has,,,,,,no kidding, go check for yourself. Dont fall for his lies and spin.

Simply ignore him. Continue the Shunning of RBF, don't feed the trolls and they will starve* is the best line I've heard lately.

It's the only way. Watch, he's gonna come in here lying and spinning and deflecting, but much like the pestering dog dick gnat he is, just simply move away from the fleabag and carry on.

It's working, his nonsense has been roughly cut in half in the past few weeks. We're halfway there maybe.

As You Were
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He knows full well that I said that the "sweet feed" in my example was some simple moderation.Originally posted by Edisto Fisher

EF here is your direct quote I was referring to:

I look at it like this Harold, if you saw someone using your exact sauce recipe, your exact logo, your exact packaging, and basically your entire corporate identity without giving your credit or some sort of compensation would you be pissed? All I am asking for is a tiny bit of sweet feed in the forum section at the end of the day for the content we provide pro bono.
Originally posted by Edisto Fisher

Based off this quote it was clear you were advocating members being compensated. Yes, you did say all you were looking for was "moderation" and a few other things, but you indicated clearly that members should be "compensated" for there input/contributions... Not sure the "jump" you are attempting to make for compensation to be simple moderation is believable at this point...

Funny how you proclaim to everyone to just ignore me, yet you don't do the same.... In the end, you just want me and certain others banded because we don't live up to YOUR standards... I don't go running off to admin complaining about anyone as most are grow mature adults here, and I am a "live and let live" type of person... Guess you aren't...

However, I do find it interesting the new Admin called you out specifically to be more respectful to others...

In the meantime, tight lines, and please try to be a little more respectful to each other (looking at you Edisto Fisher wink).Originally posted by Admin

Your Pal,

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That was for Fred and Boat Poor(where ever he is). Lawyer speak.

"res ipsa loquitur"

I gots to put in a truck window tomorrow. The pig went to bed early to be sharp for tomorrow. I'll take the time to go to "paint" to resize pics to post on "Chris's Website"...worth the effort....because ...peeps like saifush23...Skinny...Black Bart...Wolfie...and so many mor...took the time to share their a good way.

Too many negative waves in the world today. I gots to believe in the good things in life. Peeps like DF whose boy was collecting food for folks that needed a little help...good things.

Barbawang teaching me about some animal that uses iron from the deserts of North Africa to bloom in the Gulf Stream I fush in... the good things.

And Harrold...I am retired...and I still want to come back as you. The pig...he doesn't identify as pork. He be going to Arkansas and gonna study making pork plant based....GO PIGS.

The ENTER-NET Fisherman

That was for Fred and Boat Poor(where ever he is). Lawyer speak.

"res ipsa loquitur"

The ENTER-NET FishermanOriginally posted by mdaddy

Yes, Many things do speak for their self. Learned a lot over the last week or two about a few things.
Hello members,

My name is Chris, and I want to take this opportunity to let you know the status of the site, and to answer a few questions some of you have posed in this thread. This site has been around for about 20 years, and over those 20 years not that much on the site has changed. Yet during those 20 years the world changed significantly, and now there are more ways to share and communicate with friends and your community than ever. A little more than a year ago, I, along with my brother and a close friend, decided to purchase Charleston Fishing to try to breathe new life into it. We saw an opportunity to create an online community where people help each other, learn about fishing, connect with each other, and treat each other with respect.

Just before we purchased Charleston Fishing, the previous owners decided to upgrade the forum to a new version in an effort to make the forum better and more usable. While the previous owners had the best intentions, many people were very upset when this change took place, and justifiably so. Simply put, the new forum does not work well. Unfortunately, the new forum is written in an antiquated programming language, using antiquated technology, and is closed source (meaning we do not have access to the code to fix it). This leaves us with only one option - replacing the forum again, which is an enormous undertaking. Our vision for the site includes a forum that is much easier to use, it will be faster and will be free of bugs. We are hard at work on making our vision a reality, and just ask that you are patient with us during this transitional phase. In the end, I can assure you that the new site will be worth the wait.

In the meantime, tight lines, and please try to be a little more respectful to each other (looking at you Edisto Fisher wink).

PS: I have been using Charleston Fishing for 10 years, and am also very frustrated waiting for pages to load and dealing with the errors. I'm an avid fisherman and am looking forward to turning this site around!


CharlestonFishing.ComOriginally posted by Admin

Chris, a few more questions...

Another new forum? As is an entire new forum host like Tapatalk?

What was your screenname for those 10 years?

Are you, your brother and friend from South Carolina?

Thanks and I look forward to your replies. It would be appreciated by all if it did not take weeks for replies from the administration.

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Yo EF. looky what I found.

Is that sign that tall, or you that short? Or was the pic taken after many drinks looking up?
honestly why not just use facebook now a days.
honestly why not just use facebook now a days. Originally posted by robaloboy

Honestly, why use facebook? Call a friend a Cracker and go to facebook jail. We were both born in Georgia, so we are crackers.
Why would anyone want to support Fakebook unless they are a diehard liberal and love censoring people? Never used it, never will.

As for that Mexican Cake beer, had it, interesting. My oldest son really likes it.

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