Fox Follies

17' Henry O Hornet w/ Yamaha 115
26' Palmer Scott project hull
14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25

That is a really cool pic! Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks. I should have added a description. The Mom (her rear end toward the camera) is cleaning out the den. The kits were tearing around like lunatics until the one jumped over Mom going left to right as she worked. Mom was not amused and said so. With his siblings watching, jumping kit turns and makes the dangerous return trip.

17' Henry O Hornet w/ Yamaha 115
26' Palmer Scott project hull
14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25
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I'd rather see one jerking around in a Duke #2......

Dam chicken killers......they'll work over the cottontails as well
I'd rather see one jerking around in a Duke #2......

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Polly, please seek help.

17' Henry O Hornet w/ Yamaha 115
26' Palmer Scott project hull
14' Bentz-Craft w/ Yamaha 25
Tally Ho MFers.bigsmile
Thanks for sharing the pictures.
There was a ruckus in my chicken coop, which is 20 steps from my front door. I shined a light on a young, healthy, red fox with a pinned chicken and biting feathers...and getting an ass kicking from a couple of other chickens.

I had a 22 and could have killed it...I opened the gate and let him out...and that fox was getting it.
I brought the chickens into the foxes' environment...the fox found out it wasn't a not so easy meal...hasn't been back.
If I'd of had my old rooster...he'd of killed that fox.
Lucky fox...considering how tough nature can be.

I don't kill animals unless I plan to eat them. I taught my boy that...and he has a respect for life. He enjoys the hunt...not the kill.

I got a lot more to say...but I won't. You a good man Palmer...and there's a Henry O right around the corner in my hood. The bow is pretty radical with all the strakes. Must be something to it since you like it so much.

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Pfffft....a few softies here, how quaint.

So, I get bringing the chickens into the foxes environment, but what about the cottontails? I sit too many times in a deer stand and hear rabbits getting mauled by a red or a grey, just so happens I hunt rabbits after deer season, very challenging to hit a bunny wide open in front of little beagles! I will care for my rabbits, birds of prey are completely off limits, but foxes and yotes are not welcome on my property, I will exterminate every last one, given the opportunity.

Perhaps y'all should start a petition, gets some signatures, and send it to SCDNR director of furbearer season, cause I trap the hell out the foxes December-March!
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The worst case of ad hominem fallacy I have ever seen.

I know you'll have to google it immediately, but just know you look to me like someone poured a bucket of it over your head, tore the handle off and shoved it down your throat just before cramming the bucket and remnants of said "ad hominem fallacy" right up your arse.

I wasn't going to give you the satisfaction of ever replying to your self aggrandized ramblings, but much like a dog dick gnat on a hot summer porch, your constant swarming occasionally deserves a swat.


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