Anchoring offshore

Have located some pretty productive bottom numbers in 90-100ft towards Edisto Banks, but have never anchored, always drift. Conventional wisdom seems to hold for bigger/better fish such as keeper grouper, anchoring is more productive. Reckon it's time to mature a bit and try anchoring. Running a Lewmar windlass with 600ft rode - anything on the bottom in that area and depth on which I might lose my anchor?

Obviously you don't know the exact loc., but in general is the bottom out in the gen area hazardous to anchoring?
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But like a bomb.

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I think there is only one coral reef in South Carolina Waters.
And I believe it's over a hundred miles offshore in about a 1000' of water. But very good point about not anchoring on a coral reef.Originally posted by Off the chain

Yes, it is a good point because lots of folks from other States read this forum and many folks from SC trailer and fish their personal boats in the FL/Keys.... Seems like I recall EF made a trip recently... Guess he forgot about that one... Haha...

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I used my anchor ball until the rope wrapped around the prop in a freak current near the Gillage a few years ago. I got a Rhodan 36v 120lb thrust spot lock trolling motor for my 22foot Grady. It holds just fine in wind and current.

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