Fishing before the hurricane

My wife out fished my on Monday after the fourth so I got Adam out the following Wednesday in hopes of burying the Monday outing. I accidentally posted it in the cooking thread.

Anyway, it feels like the summer pattern is full on. We fished mid outgoing, through the slack and maybe an hour and a half into the incoming to wait for enough water to seep into that skinny water a Garris Landing.

I just hate watching that murky water flow out of my motor.

Started out with a 22 inch redfish in Price Creek along with a couple of rats. Actually, they were more like mice.

My Grandfather took me trout fishing on lake Taneycomo in Branson mo area when I was just a kid. He put velveta cheese on a treble hook and casted it out. I said “ What are we fishin for Grandpa? Mouses?”

We were fishing right on the oysters so I was throwing a 1/6 Texas Eye with a 3” Zman mood ring 3 swim bait. I eventually went to the 1/10 oz with a slim swim as the water slowed.

Adam tried several different soft plastics with good success throughout the day.

For me, the summer pattern is where the bite is fairly slow but very consistent with the fish spread out. We made two trips to the top of Price Creek and with the tide flowing out I was slowly moving down the creek against the flow. The wind was at our backs so casting was easy.

After rewatching the video, I think I caught seven and Adam caught ten targeted species with three really nice slot reds and a 19 inch trout
Those pin fish will keep you on your toes so it seemed like we were getting bit quite a bit.

Also, Adam and I found a spot in the creek where we were in as much as 26 foot of water but still able to reach the oysters and that’s where we found those better trout.

As per usual the video is posted at the top and the one where my wife out fished me is buried in the “cooking your catch” forum.

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Another fine report sir! Good work, even the cooking section post. You're putting in the time and reaping the rewards.That's what it's all about cool

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