Bird crap stains

So a bird has been perching under my shed & making a mess.
I cleaned it off but I have 5 or so small purple & blue stains that look like an ink stain. Assume it was from berries in the bird droppings.
I have tried several things & no luck.
Any suggestions on what to use to get the stains off my fiberglass?

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Yamaha F150

acetone mixed with comet or bar keepers friend, mix to a past and scrub. A little dawn dish soap in the paste will help. Acetone evaporates very fast so your paste will dry out pretty quick. Wax area after.
What Fred said for bad stains. 95% of what I use for stains is Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, but during the season, I don't bother much as my boat stays dirty. I usually give my boat a good detail in December.

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I have found Starbright nonskid deck cleaner to be an excellent cleaner upper. Not sure what's in it but it will burn your fingers if you get it on your hands. I think the warning label says something about if you should drink it to call a Priest immediately!

Thanks guys > will give the mixture a try.
I use the Starbrite but it isn't working on these stains.

Sportsman Masters 207
Yamaha F150
What Ricky said about Magic Eraser. Awesome stuff.

Gotta tell this story.

Bought a brand new 2015 2200 Bulls Bay. Somehow I missed a couple little spots in the floor where the gelcoat was nicked or missing which I noticed shortly after. Called Carolina Composites and took it by there. Owners daughter came out and fixed it while I was there. Once she put the gelcoat in those spots, she let it dry a bit and shaped it back to perfection with one of those Magic Eraser pads. She would use the edge of pad to shape it up perfectly.

Good luck.