Ease of travel to the billfish capital of the world: Guatemala

Lodge owner and boat Captain here in Guatemala. We've been at it for a good 15 yrs now and I am here to tell you about some new insight on travel.
All the international outfitters have had some major challenges this past season with new requirements but since the reopening of Guatemala Sept 2020, to be honest the season was very smooth. No one likes to travel with a mask, I get it, but air travel was cheaper than ever, most fisheries had little to no pressure and outfitters like ours were very safe with no cases to speak about.
For those who plan to come this way you need one of three to enter Guatemala: A recovery letter, a negative covid test no older than 3 days old, or a vaccination card. Its as simple as that. Not all three, just one of those three options.
The drill from there is our inhouse driver and van will whisk you away to our private lodge.
For more info, contact your favorite Gringo Capt Chris www.thesailfishcapital.com
Tight Lines and safe travels!

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Capt Chris Starrs
Blue Bayou Lodge
Iztapa, Guatemala