Sheepshead Bait?

Hey everyone, I've now seen two Charleston fishing guides who've used a mossy barnacle concoction as bait when fishing for sheep on the jetties. One was a guide I hired several years back and the other was a video on YouTube. In that video, there was a one second clip of them scraping the bait off a rock somewhere...but it was too short to figure out where.

Is anyone familiar with this practice? Where would I go to find this bait? Once it cools off enough for the fiddlers to disappear, I would like to have a backup.

Here's a video of my last trip to the jetties looking for sheep. It's a 360 video...use your mouse to control where you're looking.
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A fly is the last thing on my list of go-tos. I've throw a crab fly at easily 200 fish on the flats over the last ten years and never even a look.

Chunky or smooth? I don't want to look ridiculous.

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The fella across the street from us as a kid used to tear up the sheep head.
He had some mason jars in his little old boat. I asked him what they were for.
Said he filled them with fiddler's used them as a lure ????
Figured he was pulling my leg.
He caught flounder Cherry Grove marsh around 12 lb. His son still has it on the wall with the newspaper clipping...

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The bait in question is referred to as "sheepshead crack" - at least in my circles.
As usual, Mr Wang has it nailed

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Best bait for large sheeps is oysters . Find some clusters . Shuck the green oysters . Put one or two on your hook . The largest sheephead we've caught were on oysters in January off the Folly bridge . Our joke after shucking the green oysters is that sheephead like human blood ( from barking our knuckles on the oyster shells )
A commercial fisherman was fishing in front of my dock ib St Aug years ago and was pulling in 5# sheeps on almost every cast and he was using a single mussel each time for bait

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