Saturday, 12/11 Report

Trolled and picked at the trout all day. Keeper to short ratio about 2 to 10. Spottail bass were in there normal spots but still not schooled up due to the 60 plus degree water which was very clear. Four flounder with the biggest over 20 inches. Shad assassins, gulp, and twister tail grubs all produced. Win picked up late so that seemed to slow the bite later in the day. Caught some of the biggest whiting I've seen while trolling. They went home to be fried.

Update: went back on 12/18 for a little while in the afternoon: only one trout. Plenty of smaller slot red drum. Water was a little warmer. Guess I'll blame the full moon. Great day on the water. Merry Christmas to all.
Good reports! A couple of questions.....were all of the fish caught while trolling? Trolling along banks in creeks or out in deeper water?
Trolled when the water was near the grass. Would pick up multiple trout and go back and fish that spot. The better fish were out a little deeper from the bank (5-10' of water). No ST bass were caught trolling and were in 6' of water or less.