Late & Current reports

Wife & I got to go alone, which is rare. Put in around high tide. At our first spot a crab boat pulls up at a creek mouth across from us & pulls 2 pots, empties, re-baits & runs up the creek. Immediately 8 or so dolphin start blowing up around the crab traps. Then my rod goes down & I get a short trout. When I toss it back 2 dolphins swirl next to the boat & I assume the trout didn't make it out alive. While the other dolphin follow the crab boat up the creek those 2 follow us around. That kind of ended our fishing so we just scoped out some new spots & enjoyed watching what we assume were otters playing on the bank.

The wife, kids & I put in at low tide. We have no luck at any usual places fishing zman but I had brought some shrimp so we decide to hit some spots for sheepshead. I have only tried fishing for them once & had no luck but we saw some people catching them the previous trip & the wife wanted to give them a try. I tied on some jig heads & bumper rigs and we hit some docks we found on the previous trip. 1st spot no luck, 2nd spot had 2 boats already fishing it, 3rd was the charm. When we pulled up dolphins are blowing up the bank down from us, I guess pushing bait up on the bank but we never could tell what they were actually eating. After 5 minutes or so wife caught a 10" black drum then a 10 minute or so pause. Then the Reds turned on. Wife & kids caught 7 Reds from 14" to 17" while I just caught a hard time. My son's like daddy when I catch another one you can reel it in hahaha..... we kept 3 and called it a day.
Kerry pulled up near us but I wasn't sure that it was him until he left & I looked back at a video of his boat. Kerry it was nice texting with you after the fact.
I will attempt to post some pics later.

Sportsman Masters 207
Yamaha F150


Sportsman Masters 207
Yamaha F150
Some great time spent on the water. Even better when the fish cooperate. I've had days where the dolphin crash our party and it kills the fishing and also had says where the fishing keeps rolling so I don't know exactly what to think about it. I know they kill my shrimping, that's for sure lol. Awesome pics toothumbsUp

Fishing Nerd

"No bar, no pinball machines, no bowling alleys, just pool... nothing else."

...well, some fishing too!
I would say both the fishing and dolphin show made their day and mine.

Sportsman Masters 207
Yamaha F150