1-9-22 Report

Wife, Father-n-Law, & I went Sunday morning and fished from low tide to
high tide. Started out cold but no wind and as temp warmed up the wind
picked up too. Got a few bites at the start but bite didn’t really pick up
until around 11am. Got 4 Reds in the boat & kept two, they all ranged from
13” to 17”. Got a lot of bites & a lot of break offs but was only able to
land those 4 & a few trash fish. At noon the bite just stopped & by then
the wind had picked pretty bad.

It was the 1st time my Father-n-Law had caught a Red & it was hilarious. I
always tell him that I have everything we need on the boat just bring some
drinks & snacks but he is one of those that brings everything but the
kitchen sink. So he brings his tackle bag, big cooler with drinks, beer, &
shrimp in it & a small cooler with snacks, then his rods (I like using my
own rids too), & enough clothes to make it thru an artic storm. So he has
the entire front of the boat loaded up with him & his crap. When he gets
his 1st hook up & it comes to the surface and he sees it is a Red he gets
excited. As he is trying to land it without loosing it or breaking off, he
stumbles over his crap steps on my aluminum fish ruler (one shaped like
letter L). He steps on the short leg of it & it pops straight up then he
falls back & the long leg of it goes up his ars & he yells out some nice
words & manages to turn the L shape into a U shape but never lets go of the
rod & was able to jump up & get the Red in the boat. I’m sure the boat down
from us had to think we were the biggest idiot they had ever seen but we
had fun.

Sportsman Masters 207
Yamaha F150

Sportsman Masters 207
Yamaha F150
Thank you, I was with you step by step lol.

Guests have their own compartment, you can bring what you want as long as it fits in there and the 3 rod holders.
Sounds like a fun family day, can't beat that. Pretty funny story bout you FIL too, gotta do what ya gotta do to get the fish in the boat, we all understand.

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...well, some fishing too!
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I still crack up thinking about it. I got to get a GoPro to record some the idiotic crap we do.

Sportsman Masters 207
Yamaha F150