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they spawning yet

You only live once....

Depending where you are and the water temp, the first wave is getting ready. My sons hit a couple of small ponds yesterday and caught 7 in about 2 hours. The biggest was about 6 lbs.

If you're going to Lake Moultrie, probably the best area would be from about Blacks Camp to Angels to Russelville. The Hatchery and Marion are still probably not ready, I'd be looking for pre-spawners in those areas that haven't moved all the way up. Just try and release what you catch.

The Full Moon's when, 1-2 weeks away?
Full moon, 3 days and it's not too early.bigsmile
Do most of your bass go on the March or April moon?
Do most of your bass go on the March or April moon?

Again, it depends where you are. A big wave of spawners will move in certain parts of Lake Moultrie right now, while they'll be later in other parts of Moultrie, or Marion. This first wave is usually some of the better fish.

That said, they'll be spawning in March, April, and May, but most will be done by April. Some spawn more than once, some may spawn in June, and years ago I found an area in July in about 15' of water where you could catch fat females with eggs dripping out. I'm guessing those were fish that lived in deeper water (maybe 30'), and were possibly spawning in what was comparatively shallow water to them, even though it was 15' deep.
wow, pitcher nailed it. I wanted to respond to that one with just about exactly what you said but the way you get flamed on this site I hesitated. Roger that on multiple spawns. I have caught really big fish in Feb so yeh if the wx patterns give you that 3 day warming bump right before the full moon things can "come together". And I too have got spawning fish off the West Dike in July in 7 ft of water. Been fishing Moultrie for 39 years and kept good records for alot of that. I looked back and I have probably caught more fish in April but bigger fish in March. Got 3 tens on the wall and 2 of them came in March. Before I get flamed, I don't do that anymore. Don't keep anything over about 2.5. soooo roger all that just my 2 cents.

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