Moultrie Largemouth

Fished from 10-3pm until my "new" digital trolling motor decided to quit working. Landed 6 fish, lost another at the boat and hooked another that I never saw that came off. Landed fish came on a Senko fished slowly around wood and the others came on a jerkbait. Fished shallow, less than 4 ft. all day in the upper part of the lower lake. Going tomorrow if the trolling motor works, otherwise the shad are in trouble!shock Best 5 would go around 13-14lbs.wink

Got2Go, What model and brand is your trolling motor?
Motorguide, R??, 72# wireless foot. Just found out this morning there is a recall or problem with other radio frequencies messing with the remote's steering abilities. Hopefully, the guys in Moncks Corner will have it working for me by next Wednesday. Oh, and Motorguide has never mailed me any information about the problem. I guess my time isn't worth their dollar!