Moultrie Largemouth and Tailrace Shad

Well, the trolling motor worked at the house and at the Hatchery, but after arriving at my fist stop, pumped and oozing with confidence, the trolling motor wouldn't steer. Not to be discouraged, I called a friend who met me at the Tailrace for some shad fishing. We only fished about 45 minutes due to the weather, but managed to land 2 small roes and lost 3 more at the boat. Note to self, bring a net when going shad fishing as it is hard to swing 'em in with 4-6# line! I had 9 turkeys fly over my head in the boat as I left the Hatchery landing this morning to the main lake. Even saw 2 pelicans. If you can get out and fish, GO!
Tightlines to all and back at the largemouth next Wednesday and Thursday if the trolling motor is working, or shad if not.approve

What was the water Temp at the Hatchery? Any signs of beding fish yet? I know you didnt stay long due to trolling motor...just curious. I hear ya on the net for the shad!

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I was showing 59 first thing and hit 63 the other day in the afternoon. I found alot of warmer water, but no signs of bedding fish, yet. Even carried my waders and got wet for awhile. Shoot me an e-mail sometimes, sounds like our fishing styles and interests are pretty close. From Duck Pond to Black's, the warmest water on my gauge and where I caught the fish was 64 at 2pm. Good Luck and let me know how you do.
Got2Go...U got mail

Champion 206
Blue / White, Yamaha 250 you fish in any clubs
Champ206, got your e-mail and will call you Tuesday after 7. Skeeter190zx, used to fish a club called Santee Cooper for about 2 years, but not anymore. I fish mostly saltwater now, but I never can pass up the spawn and an early season topwater bite. It's been fun this year and I realize how much I've missed it.

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Got ya Andy..looking forward to next week..catch em up Sir! If you head to the Lake this weekend..dont overlook Russellville Flats..heard today 2 over 10 came from there this past from reliable source..FYI ><)))>

Champion 206
Blue / White, Yamaha 250