Portland Area

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Portland Area
03/25/19 8:02

Got a chance to make a trip to Portland area. Looking to get in some fishing. Any info would be greatly appreciated.



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04/16/19 16:57

Back Story:: Had a friend out there for work so I tagged along and set up a little fishing.This is a copy of what I posted on OregonFishing.com.

Update on visit.

Wow you guys take the whole keep Portland weird seriously...

Saturday we made it out on the Columbia with Captain Darryl Jones looking for some salmon. Yea really just a no go. Darryl called me early in week to let me know things were not in good shape from the recent weather. We pushed to go and he offered to cut the rates if we just had a catch-less day. We did, and we got a good soaking for our trouble. Great guy, had some laughs, would go again in a minute. Thanks Darryl.
Contact Darryl @ oregoncitycharters@yahoo.com

Sunday, out to the Willamette looking for some sturgeon. Met up with Captain Bill Gaither, and off we went. Set up and bang, fish on. Steady all day hook ups. Bill kept things moving and changed up so the bite kept coming. Can not say enough good things about it, broke a line off, tangled twice that were just nasty and Bill never changed his smile. Good weather makes for a good day. Look forward to coming back and having some more laughs. Thanks Bill.
Contact Bill @ 503-519-7972 NW Hawhunters

Thanks to everyone who responded, great group and a fun part of the country.

04/16/19 16:59

Couple of pics

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