Yesterday fishing

04/12/21 4:51


Yesterday fishing
03/28/21 19:48

Fished the mouth of the Cooper incoming Tide topping off with Redfish tightening lines. Tide turned and I started fishing my way back to bushy and caught a few trouts before hitting Goose Creek and the Reds were still doing there thing and my final river the Reds were on fire. Couldn't make it back to Bushy untile the tide pushed more water that way but it didn't matter the Reds were aggressive in 70+ degree water. Season feels good thus far. ' Smallest 18" and Largest 26.75 ' 13 was the final count that I netted and released and I had at least Six I couldn't get out of those structure and they or I were straightening those wired hooks which is a good things and a few cut off as I could feel us sawing on those branches. Great day on the water in-spite of the high winds and early morning Gnats

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03/29/21 12:04

You never disappoint! Great report!

It was a beautiful March weekend in spite of the wind. Everyone and their brother was out Saturday. Sunday was much less crowded and felt like the good ole days.

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