April 23rd Wahoo and Mahi

06/14/21 19:24


Hookem CHS
April 23rd Wahoo and Mahi
04/26/21 12:38

Headed out of Remleys around 5am and we were definitely not the first to head out. Probably already 10 trailers in the lot and three making ready. As we headed out Cape Canaveral had a launch and we watched the rocket shoot across the horizon and saw the booster release it was amazing.

Ran at 40mph headed south and saw boats working Edisto banks at . We made the decision to hunt mahi and head to a temp break. Temps rose fast to 74.5 and we saw a bird over a scattered weed line on a rip/current seam. Decided to drop lines and pithing 10 mins boom big knock down and had our first wahoo of the season on. Wasn't a huge one slightly over 20lbs. Then not too long later had a mahi hit the flat line. Had two more knock downs and one mahi jumped and bit the line and another knock down was a mystery fish and also bit through the line. Bite shut off around 10 and nada till 1 so we picked up and ran in and got some bottom critters. Trigger, b-liners and some banded rudders came home too.

Good day flat seas running in at 35mph.


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04/26/21 15:08

Thanks for the great report.
That Whoo was pretty excited to light up like that coming to feed.

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