Weekend Report

05/16/21 21:31


Weekend Report
05/03/21 17:13

Got out for a couple hours on Saturday and got skunked but returned to the water early (for me) on Sunday morning. Fished the dock area of Safe Harbor Marina, Port Royal on the last of the dropping tide. I had seen some redfish there Saturday during the evening low tide but couldn't find any Sunday morning. I did get this nice 18 inch trout on a trout eye jig head and the ZMan paddle tail in Redfish Toad color. After that I made my way up the shore line looking for the redfish w/ no luck. I saw bunches of mullet though and most of them were pretty big. Occasionally, something would chase them but I still couldn't get a bite. Just after the slack with the water moving slowly in I caught a 12 inch flounder in a creek mouth on the same bait. He really inhaled it. The hook went through his mouth and then got turned around and hooked into him again from the outside. After that I went to the end of Cat Island to look for the redfish and complete the slam but again no luck. The water was still really low and I couldn't find them. Also the wind was picking up and blowing into the shore. That churned up the water and turned it really muddy.

I will be back out there next weekend.


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05/04/21 12:47

Thanks for the report. Really cool how the lure went through the gills and hooked on the outside. goes to show, you never know what you're going to see or run into out there. I didn't make it out there this last weekend myself, should have made the solo trip like you! I'll tighten up directly.thumbsUp

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SC Fish Tales
05/04/21 17:39

Great report! Gotta love the redfish toad color by Zman. I used that this past winter and came away with some big redfish!
Kerry Browning
05/04/21 20:16

Great report! Gotta love the redfish toad color by Zman. I used that this past winter and came away with some big redfish!Originally posted by SC Fish Tales

I see you figured out how to post. I saw your text but was running errands and just logged in to see if I could post in here to answer your question. 🤓
Lucky Larry 54
05/11/21 20:54

Good report and my go to rig trout eye and Zman works for me. Thanks, Larry

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