Little spider monkey

09/21/21 19:25


Kerry Browning
Little spider monkey
07/20/21 13:29

Hey everyone! ! I took the Advertising Director of The Post And Courier out fishing last Friday and, I’ll be danged if he didn’t outfish me too! Three weeks in a row for me. I’m in a slump I guess.
Anyway, we started beating the banks like I would fish smallies in the spring and, yes, that means the summer bite is on. Everything is spread out but consistent.

“Oh Yeah” got old but he got me a bottle of bourbon so I can’t complain.
Same stuff…. Throwing purple.
We both got the slam.
Ran into a subscriber and his boy. He kept asking his dad ( as we were fishing up to them) “Is that the YouTube Man?”😂😂😂

If you can watch a little bit, go to about 14:00 of the video and watch this little guy. He’s a pretty cool little dude.

Wish I had known of ICAST. I would be there now. Joe from “Father and Sons” called me on his way there. I had no idea but sounds like heaven.

Anyway, thanks for your support and the video is linked at the top as usual.

Kerry Browning.


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