Wadmalaw sound area

10/24/21 10:30


sea tonic
Wadmalaw sound area
09/27/21 17:48

Sunday, the weather was perfect, flat and calm. Early morning, incoming tide, and the reds were hungry. In the area that I hit first, I could see the reds chasing shrimp. The shrimp were jumping out of the water while a 'torpedo' was chasing close behind. I was catching one red after another, hands were shaking while having to re-rig, trying to get the lines out as quickly as possible. After a short while, they were gone. Probably moved on up into the grass. I followed by couldn't get them interested. Kept one 21" for dinner, the rest released. All of them were similarly sized. Live shrimp on the bottom with a Carolina rig. After that, moved on to other spots in the area but had no luck the rest of the day.


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09/27/21 18:00

Great report and catching! Keep it up!

"Another poon dream splintered on the rocks of reality." --Peepod 07-25-2017
09/27/21 22:49

Nice. I bet that was exciting.

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